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Andrew Mastriani

Living in the coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina, it’s easy to become attached to the natural beauty of the surroundings. The limitless views of marshes and waterways offer an artist a lifetime of scenic inspiration. My most vivid memories, however, are the ominous sounds of approaching storms. The crisp smell of ozone fills the air immediately after a rain shower has passed. The oppressive humidity of an August afternoon rain that did nothing to cool the landscape, but only act as a splash of water over hot sauna rocks. These moments happen quickly, sending you to seek shelter, or waiting them out, as they rarely last long. The incredible beauty of the Lowcountry in these times made a lasting impression on me, and I want to share the awe of that.  Created on paper with charcoal to emphasize the drama of the subject, the starkness of the black and white images help capture the moodiness of the landscape. The softness of the vine charcoal contributes to the ethereal nature of the work as an homage to the subject matter itself. 

Scott Parsons graffiti painting

Approaching art as a way to communicate,
In whatever form it may take...
I hope to evoke an emotional connection.

A child of the Carolinas, I spent the better part of my life along the coast of South Carolina; punctuated with years living in Western North Carolina. After graduating from Hilton Head High School, I moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute, College of Art earning a BFA in Painting. Missing South Carolina, I moved back and opened Mastriani Studios. This Charleston based company was focused on murals, Trompe l’oeil, lime plasters, and decorative painting. For 15 years, I ran a rewarding business working with wonderful artisans, designers, craftsmen, and of course exceptional Patrons. In 2015 I made the difficult decision to walk away from commissions to focus on more personal art. I find myself in a wonderful place in life; yet it too has storms. 


Andrew lives in Asheville, NC with his wife Kate and son Emmett. You can often find him plein air painting in nature, and drawing in his studio. 

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