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Kelly Thiel

Kelly Thiel has a new series of paintings entitled ABOUT FACE.  These new works are large and vibrant, and in a totally different color palette than her previous pieces.  Her paintings are still about the female narrative, now she just tells the stories of her subjects in these lively, new colors.  “Looking back at how I was feeling, I can see now the pattern of being ready for a big shift in my work”, Kelly says.  She is able to identify several different sources of inspiration that recently led her to work in this new palette.  Her inspirations range from times spent at the pool with her children to a colorful art retreat on the Oregon Coast, and finally to memories of childhood beach vacations and her many years spent living on Folly Beach.  These new paintings are in energetic pinks, oranges and blue and have a completely fresh dynamic for Kelly.


Kelly has participated in many national group shows and invitationals with her sculpture and paintings, and leads workshops on both the east and west coasts.  She has recently started exhibiting her work in the United Kingdom, in a gallery specializing in ceramic sculpture and contemporary paintings. In 2018, Kelly is exhibiting at the Betty Gray Gallery in Oregon and the Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City, as well as returning to North Carolina in the fall for teaching a sculpture workshop at The Bascom.


Since moving to Bend, Oregon in 2014, Thiel has opened a new coworking studio for creatives, called The Wilds. Her personal studio is there, as well as studios and workstations for other creatives.  She has one other co-founder in this adventure, and they are happy to be a part of the creative community in Oregon.

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