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Liliana Maya

   Liliana Maya is an international artist born in Colombia, South America. Since early childhood, Liliana used her vibrant imagination to sketch abstract landscapes inspired by nature and forests. Completely self-taught, Liliana loved the challenge of taking in a scenery and drawing her own interpretation of it purely from memory. This would later evolve to oil painting, where her unique style was able to fully develop. Liliana uses vibrant colors, thick brush strokes, and paint splatters to create the signature layers and textures seen in most of her paintings.


   A Charleston resident of over 15 years now, Liliana has had her artwork displayed in galleries throughout the Summerville, Myrtle Beach, and Downtown Charleston area.  Aside from her deep love for art, Liliana is a caring wife and mother of three daughters.

Visit Revealed Gallery
119 A Church St, Charleston, SC   843-872-5606  
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