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In Need of a Breakthrough

We've all had that moment when the epiphany surfaces and the connection has finally been made. Devin McKinney expresses this experience through his latest body of work titled, "Breaking Through." McKinney etches out his artistic visions onto painted acrylic panels. He creates beautifully intricate patterns and then he illuminates them with LED lights. This concept enables the viewer to select a color of their choosing at any given time. This interactive design operates via remote control, so one can simply set the mood by changing the color of the lighting and/or the mode and speed in which the light cycles. With infinite possibilities already at play, McKinney will take the experience one step further at the opening of his exhibition. For one evening only, he will be creating ambient tunes using a modular synthesizer to accompany the lights of his installation which will be the only light source for the show. "Sound brings the visions and now visions will bring sound," says McKinney. He will spend the evening exploring the potential outcomes of connecting light and sound and hopes that others will join him for this fascinating and unique experience.

"Breaking Through" opens 8-18-18 at 8pm at Revealed.


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