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Susan Woodford

Welded Sculpture is Woodford’s passion. Her work is a dialog with organic flow, movement and scale. Building larger than herself is both daunting and exhilarating - a passionate hands-on struggle to see who will overcome.

Woodford grew up on the East Coast in Southern Maryland, but has called the Midwest home for many years. She travels between South Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, Dallas, and Arizona where she creates, has representation, or teaches. “Traveling enables me to teach, be of service to others and broaden my views." Woodfords anthropological views are exhibited in her copper work.

The figurative series’ she creates with copper and silver depicts her thinking on current as well as historical matters and her perceptions from a female viewpoint. The work is inherently autobiographical but leaving space for the viewer's interpretative dialog. Woodford's goal is to create healing sculptures that embody a sense of hope. "We are all connected. We are all the same, and could see each other as mirrors but for the smoke in-between."

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119 A Church St, Charleston, SC   843-872-5606  
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